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The History of Ligue 1

Ligue is French professional football league. The league formerly was known as Division 1. It’s the primary league within the country that is organized by French football league system. The football association of French divided the league into two; the division one and division two. Thus, the division one refers to Ligue 1. The league is contested by twenty clubs. The league is operated on relegation and promotion of Ligue 2. The seasons of league from August to May, with teams play thirty eight games. Most games are played during Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Ligue 1 is classified into national league as it has been popular in French. The league is ranked at sixth place in the Europe.
In fact, situs judi online say the league was inaugurated on September 11th 1932 under the name of National before changing to Division 1. The name of division 1 still existed before changing into Ligue 1 in 2002. The recent champion of Ligue 1 is Paris-Saint Germain who achieved the 5th title. Ligue 1 is capably run as it has good planning and fixtures, enforced rules, adequate escalation, and many other aspects.
The foundation
In July 1930 the football federation of French supported professionalism football in French. The federation limited the contestant of the league into twenty clubs. Clubs are subjected into three categories such as:
• The club must had positive results in the previous match in the past.
• The club must be able to stabilize their balance due to finances.
• The club must be able to recruit eight professional football players professionally.
http;// admit many French clubs did not agree with the criteria due to wide varieties of reasons like bankruptcy.
The competition format
There are twenty clubs are played in Ligue 1. During the seasons, each clubs plays twice in their home stadium and other is away. The total games are played is 38. The teams who win the game will receive three points. However if the match is draw, the points will be 1. The teams are ranked based on points each teams got to determine the winner of the league. In case there are same points for certain teams, the teams should be deemed to reach the first position. The three lowest place of the league will be relegated to division 2 or commonly known as Ligue 2.
The qualification
The top three teams of the league will be qualified for UEFA Champions Leaue. The team whom in third place will enter the third round of qualification phase. The team who is in fourth place will be qualified for UEFA European Cup. In addition, the other teams will be contested in regional championship and tournament such as Coupe de la Ligue and Coupe de France.
The financesThe finances and budgets of Ligue 1 are managed by DNCG, an organization that is responsible to manage and control the clubs accounts. The DNCG missions are to control the operation of financial matters, give sanctions for those clubs breaking the operation rule, develop the professional club resources and defend the interest and morals of football association in French generally.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is Joining Red Devil

Bastian Schweinsteiger is a German International captain that wants to join Manchester United and leave his team, Bayern Munich. Bastian Schweinsteiger is 30 years old, and he has spent more than 15 years at his team, Bayern. Something has changed his mind, and he will and must leave his team because he is put in transfer request. Bastian Schweinsteiger will play in English Premier League. Karl Heinz Rummenigge said that Bayern officials have granted his request. The team also agreed the transfers of their best team captain to Manchester. Actually their team regrets about the decision, but they understand what player needs to improve their career and experience. They want to give the best for their best player in the end of Bastian Schweinsteiger career.
Bastian Schweinsteiger has won twenty trophies and made five hundred and thirty six appearances for his team, Bayern. Between Bayern Munich and Manchester United. There is already agreement on a fair transfer fee. Both of them agree that Bastian Schweinsteiger is really a valuable player. Bayern Munich itself tries to convince Bastian Schweinsteiger to stay with his team. However, once again the team club state that the player really understands that it is a good time for their best player. Bastian Schweinsteiger really should experience a new thing in his life after seventeen years with Bayern Munich.
Bastian Schweinsteiger is actually the best football player and captain of Bayern Munich German, and he has won 100th cap during 2014 World cup. Bastian Schweinsteiger also took a position as captain over the legend Philipp Lahm after his best club mate finally retired from the international football. He did it after a tournament which was held in Brazil.
Real Madrid is a big football club in Spain. This football club has many best players, and one of them is Iker Casillas. Everyone knows that Iker Casillas and Real Madrid are like a body and soul. Iker Casillas is a captain and goalkeeper for this biggest football club. Unfortunately bad news comes regarding Iker Casillas moving into the other team in Portuguese. It is really a bad news for the Real Madrid lovers. The 34 years old player will move to FC Porto. Actually Iker Casillas has spent sixteen seasons with his Real Madrid team, the Spanish Giant. It is so difficult for Real Murder to lose their best player - Iker Casillas - but they agree to transfer Casillas into FC Porto.

On the other hand, Manchester United believes that Iker Casillas the best goalkeeper and also captain from Real Madrid. It will make him stronger than ever. The other speculation comes that Manchester United will lose their goalkeeper who has a good performance, David De Gea, because De Gea will be transferred to Real Madrid. The departure of Casillas can give a bad and good effect for Red Devil. For information Iker Casillas has played for Spain in two European championships. They are 2010 world cup, Champion League, 5 Spanish La Liga. All of those trophies were dedicated for Real Madrid. This prediction stated that in the future Casillas will bring more trophies for Manchester.

The Review of 2014 UEFA Super Cup

2014 UEFA Super Cup was the UEFA Super Cup on 39th edition an once a year football match that is organized by UEFA and contested by the champions of the main competition of European club such as UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League. The match was featured with two Spanish teams, Sevilla and Real Madrid. The football tournament was played on August 12th 2014 at Cardiff City Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. Real Madrid then won the match with 2-0 winning over the Sevilla with both goals was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid achieved their UEFA Super Cup for second times.
The Venue
The venue that was used for the match was Cardiff City stadium that was announced on June 30th 2012. This was the first time for the UEFA Super Cup held in Wales. The Cardiff City Stadium was opened in 2009 on July which replaced the Cardiff Athletic stadium. The stadium is the home stadium of Cardiff City football club. The stadium has over than 33,000 spectators’ capacity after having an expansion work. In the same year, Cardiff City also achieved an award of European Capital of Sport. With innovative and unique architecture the stadium has, the stadium then become a historical landmark. The stadium was legalized by King of England William 1 in 1081 which started work on the Castle of Cardiff which was the key of the current city. That’s why Cardiff city is full of cultural taste within. In addition, Cardiff also boasts the 74,500 impressive capacity of the Millennium Stadium which had hosted numerous memorable football tournaments such as English FA Cup from 2001 to 2006 notable when the Wembley Stadium was being reconstructed.
The ticket sold for this football tournament were available in three categories of prices £110, £75 and also £40. The tickets were sold on the front of the stadium office. The online selling was also available for customers worldwide. The ticket portal actually opened at 12.00 on Thursday of June 5th when the ticket go on sale. The ticket applicant would be able to apply for maximum of four same category tickets for each person started from June 5th until June 27th. In fact, each ticket applicant had to complete an online form of application and then the allocation would be determined by the lottery. Once the window ales was closed, every valid application would enter a ballot, such an irrespective submission time during the period of application in order to decide which fans were allocated the tickets for the showpiece of Cardiff. Any tickets that were not in accordance with ticketing of 2014 UEFA Super Cup would be rejected. The ticket applicants then would be charged with administrative fee as ticket order inside the UK was £10 and outside the UK was £20. The credit card payment then informed on Monday July 7thwhether they have been successful or not in the lottery. The tickets then would be sent off by registered post before the end of July.
The officials
The referee of the match was Mark Clattenbburg who was chosen to lead the match. The referee was accompanied by the two referee assistants, four officials and two additional assistants. The football tournament was the first of UEFA football competition that used vanishing spray. The officials that chosen for the teams were qualified based on the standard of FIFA.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Highlight

FIFA Women’s World Cup is a football competition that was contested by several senior women’s football national teams as the member of FIFA. The football tournament is held every four years as the first football tournament had held in China. The tournament format involves twenty four teams to compete in the football competition. A phase of qualification is used to determine the teams which are qualified for the tournament along with the host nation.
The Women’s World Cup is considered as the most crucial international football competition and played among women’s national football teams. The cup is used to call Women’s World Championship that was held in 1991. The recent world cup was held on June 6th 2015 that was hosted by Canada.
The history
The football tournament was originally founded by FIFA. The first tournament had held in China with 12 teams played in the tournament. Later on, the Women’s World Cup was held in Sweden in 1995 with 12 teams played in the tournament. Germany and the United Stated have won the football championship twice, and Japan and Norway once for each.
The 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in the United States with the United States became the champion. The attendance of the final legs was 90,185 spectators that broke the record for women’s football event. Later on, the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup also held in the USA as China that was supposed to host the tournament couldn’t make it due to SARS issues. For the compensation, China then hosted the competition in 2007. According to draw and vote in October 2007, Germany was elected to host the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup.
The tournament format
In general the final leg is featured between 24 national teams and 12 national teams that were competing to reach the first place in each group. There are two stages of the tournament which every stage are followed by the knockout stages. Within the group stage, the teams are drawn into several groups which fulfilled with four teams for each. Every group then will play for the tournament of round-robin which every team has three matches’ schedules alongside other teams within the same group. The matches’ last round will be held at the same time to provide fairness among the teams. The two qualified teams will finish the first stages and then get ready for round sixteen which is generally called knockout stage. To rank the teams in the same group, point’s achievement will be the top consideration. If a team wins, then they will automatically achieve three points. However, if the match is draw, each team will achieve one point. The each team ranking in each group is decided as follows:
• The greatest number of point’s achievement in the group matches.
• The greatest of goal difference within the group matches
• The greatest number of goals within the group matches.
For your information, the knock out stage is a tournament of single-elimination in which each teams play in one matches with penalty shootouts and extra time will be given to decide the winner if necessary. The match begins from round sixteen. The matches then will be followed by the quarter final stages, semi-final stage, the third place stage and then the final match.

Reveals what’s behind FIFA World Cup

Have you ever heard about FIFA World Cup? Well, the FIFA World Cup is simply known as World Cup. The football competition is held by FIFA which are contested by senior men’s national football teams as the members of FIFA. The football competition is held every four years as the first inaugural tournament was held in 1930. However, in 1942 and 1946 the event was not held due to World War II. The recent champion of the competition is Germany, as the team won the title in 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
The competition format is involved a phase of qualification which recently takes place over three years to decide which teams are qualified for the tournament. Thirty two teams including the host nation will compete in the phase of tournament in host nation about for a month.
More than twenty FIFA World Cup tournaments had been won by eight difference national football teams. Brazil had won the title five times. The other winners are Germany and Italy with four titles, Uruguay and Argentina with two titles, France, Spain and England with one title for each. As you know, World Cup is the most notably football competition all over the world. The matches’ audience for 2006 FIFA World Cup was accumulated more than 26.29 billion with an estimation of 715.5 billion people watching the final games. As the 2014 World Cup was hosted by Brazil, the 2018 World Cup then will be hosted by Russia and in 2022 by Qatar.
The History
The first world football competition was a challenge match that played in 1872 in Glasgow between England and Scotland which the final result was 0-0 draw. The first international football tournament was held in England in 1884. As football grew enormous popularity the tournament status was upgraded.
As FIFA was founded in around 1904, the federation tried to organize an international tournament for football between nations outside the Olympic contestants which took place in Switzerland in 1906. FIFA describes that the time was such a big failure though. In 1908 at Summer Olympic in London, football was involved as one of official competition of the Olympic Games.
Due to Olympic football competition succession, FIFA then began to hold its international football competition outside the Olympics. Regardless, on May 28th1928, the congress of FIFA then decided to stage a world football championship in its own way. Uruguay then became the first to hold the inaugural tournament of World Cup as the celebration of its independence in 1930.
The trophy
The Jules Rimet trophy was used to be the trophy award given to the winning team. Originally, its name was Coupe de Monde or World Cup in English. However, in 1946 the trophy was renamed due to Jules Rimet was the most influential person who arranged the football tournament. In 1970, a new World Cup trophy was designed as the trophy was designed by Silvio Gazzaniga from Italy. The trophy was made of solid gold (75%) and the weight was 13.6 lb.

2012-2013 Bundesliga Review

2012-2013 Bundesliga was the 50th season of Germany’s football league, Bundesliga. The season started on August 24th 2012 with the opening match involved SV Werder Bremen against Borussia Dortmund. The league ending was signed with the last games on May 18th 2013, and had a winter break during the weekends on December 15th 2012 to January 19th 2013. The champion went to Bayern Munich after having 28 days of match, beating down their earlier records by two matches’. The league itself was filled with eighteen teams. The teams were divided into two classifications, the best fifteen teams from the 2011-2012 seasons, and the best two teams from 2011-2012 seasons, and the relegation play-off team between 16th placed team of Bundesliga and 3rd-placed f Bundesliga 2 team. Remarkably, during the 2012-2013 season, there were no teams were located in the East Germany, including Berlin as the capital city.
FC Kaiserlautern and FC Köln were relegated to the Bundesliga 2012-2013 second league season after having finished on the two bottoms off the Bundesliga table. Kaiserlauter were ended a two year permanent status in the top of flight, while Köln were downgraded to the Bundesliga second level. The two downgraded teams will be replaced by Eintracht Frankfurt and SpVgg Greuther Fürth. Greuther Fürth will be making their very first Bundesliga debut and also go back to the top level after getting through forty nine seasons, as predecessor SpVgg Fürth was missed out on the Bundesliga qualification in 1962-1963 seasons. One at a time, Eintracht Frankfurt made an immediate comeback to the Bundesliga after being downgraded at the end of 2010-2011 seasons. Hertha BSC used to be joining the Bundesliga premier league in the 2011-2012 seasons but only a while and then relegated again to the second level of Bundesliga.
Locations and stadiums
The promotes team SpVgg Greuther Fürth enlarged the capacity of their stadium, Trolli Arena become 18,000 spectators to make sure that the matches being played at their own home stadium. In addition, Bayern Munich also enlarged their Allianz Arena Stadium which has total capacity of 71,000 spectators.
Personnel and kits
Surprisingly, Borussia Dortmund changed their supplier of kits from Kappa to Puma, signed with a contract during 2019-2020 seasons with German brand of sports. Moreover, a couple of sponsor shirts were not improved. VfB Stuttgart then replaced the dairy product brand GAZI into automobile company Mercedes-Benz as their jersey sponsors. On the other hand, Fortuna Dusseldorf also changed their Bauhaus home retail sponsor into as a phone discount company.
In addition, three clubs also confirmed their new contracts of sponsorship in a while before the first match. The Fraport chose not to replenish their earlier contract with Eintracht Frankfurt, while the Hessian club had a deal with Krombacher as the brewery. In other clubs, the contract between Werder Bremen with Targobank and FC Nuremberg with Areva were over. Wisenholf as the giat poultry became the sponsor of Werder Bremen after being declared in the early of August 2012. At last, Nuremberd just signed the contract with KND as clothing retailers before starting the Bundesliga seasons.

The Final Of 2014 UEFA Champions League

The final of 2014 UEFA Champions league was a football match of the UEFA Champions League during the 59th season in 2013-2014. The football tournament was organized by UEFA and the name was changed from European Champion Clubs’ Cup into UEFA Champions League. The match was taking place on Saturday, May 24th 2014 at Estadio da Luz in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. The math was between Spanish clubs, Real Madrid vs. Ahletico Madrid. It was such the 15th football tournament that features two teams from the same league, the second times of all Spanish clubs final and the first time for the final with clubs from the same city. Real Madrid then won the match with 4-1 winning after having an extra time. The goals were from Marcelo, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. In advance, Real Madrid then secured their 10th title of the competition after their 9th victory. As the competition winner, Real Madrid then have rights to play in 2013-2014 UEFA Super Cup against Sevilla as 2013-2014 UEFA Europa League. Real Madrid then also qualified to go through the 2014 FIFA Club World Cup semi finals as the representative of UEFA.
The venue
The venue for the UEFA Champions League was at Estadio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal. The stadium is the home stadium of Portuguese football club, Benfica since 2003. The stadium was rebuilt due to host the UEFA EURO 2004. The stadium had hosted several important matches such as 1992 of European Cup Winners’ Final, 1983 UEFA Cup Final of the second leg. The European Cup final was last played in the stadium in 1967 when Celtic beat off Inter Milan.
The background
The 2014 EUFA Champions League was the first final that involved two teams from the same city in history. It was also the second time of the final involved all Spanish football clubs after the 200 final between Valencia against Real Madrid. It was also the 15th final between football teams from the same country.
Real Madrid broke their record for their 13rd of final with 5-0 aggregate winning over Bayern Munich, making them being the first time to reach the final since they broke their ninth time record of winning in 2002.
Atletico Madrid had won the title of La Liga in 1996 for the first time. It’s such the longest wait for the club before joining the final. The club has waited for about thirty eight years after defeated by Inter Milan in 1972. The last winning of Atletico Madrid when they defeated Bayern Munich after given replay match in 1974.
Match summary
During eight minutes, Atletico Bilbao striker Diego Costa was forced to not join the match after having serious injury. Real Madrid captain Iker Cassilas then off line the goal to make Atletico Madrid in the front. The manager Carlo Anceloti decided to substitute Fabio and Sami Khedira to Isco and Marcelo. Real Madrid was being dominant after given an extra time, which Angel di Maria shot a goal to the Atletico Madrid.